Pueblo Bonito is one of many great house ruins in Chaco NHP. Occupied  from 850AD to 1200AD, these stabilized buildings are the most visible reminders of a remarkable culture. Sacred to modern Native Americans, we enter them with respect.


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Chaco NHP is located 150 miles northwest of Albuquerque, NM, in the high desert at an elevation of 6200 feet.
Access is easily gained via US 550, CR 7900, and CR7950 (an improved graded dirt road; but phone ahead for road conditions). More intrepid travelers enter from the south via NM 371, Navajo 9 and NM 57  (a not very well maintained graded dirt road).

Driving into the park, we can see Fajada Butte from 20 miles away.

Rock art, both petroglyphs and pictographs, is a fragile cultural resource. We can observe and study rock art at several locations within the park. Site Steward volunteers are engaged in a program of frequent monitoring to detect and record both natural decay and vandalism.
The collared lizard is one of the present day native inhabitants of Chaco NHP. A wide variety of reptilian, mammalian, and avian life thrives in Chaco Canyon and on the surrounding mesas.

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